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Chart Calc - Improvements

So from my understanding, I should see "$3206.24" under "Monthly" on the chart and when selecting the "1 month" dropdown, I should only see any of those costs only one time. Instead it says "$6062.48" under "Monthly" and I see almost all of those costs twice on the chartAnd if you want to see what double your monthly costs are, you should be able to by selecting the 2 month interval. Also, I think you guys should add a feature where there is one more calculation done and output across whatever the selected date range is. So if I want to see my subscription costs across the past month, I select "1 month" and that number is updated. If I want to see my costs across the past quarter, I select "quarter" and again, that number is updated. As it is now, selecting new date ranges, only updates the graph, which is a start, but really not super helpful without seeing a number to represent that total IMO   Basically show Month wise data not each sub in that particular month. Also, When I look at these graphs (whether Subs or Monthly), I’d like to see how much I spent in Oct vs Nov vs other months, or this quarter vs last quarter, this year vs last year, etc., Therefore, the current graph isn’t helping me to do that