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ROI & Lifetime Cost Calculations

The value creation (and, after doing the business' year-end today, asset lifetime and depreciation values) are generally calculated as follows:

- Asset value creation/contribution: Based on the general cost or value of a piece of work (call it A), how much value does the asset contribute to A. I.e., if I have paid $X for the LTD, how many A's have used it, and what has been the lifetime value of the use of the software based on the number of A's I have created/used the software/service.

(Knowing that this is subjective makes this super hard, and thus it would be easier to default to the second version of this instance, which would be Duy's reading of it, i.e. what would we have to pay if it wasn't LTD, and when is the breakeven?)

- Asset Lifetime Cost: Basically how much is the LTD worth over its planned lifespan? And since assets (and I see LTDs as assets) have maintenance, depreciation and such costs (even if minimal), they do sunset over a period that you write them off. If we can add those to the tool as well, my accountant would be crying with delight, I would be able to deduct the LTDs from tax even easier, and you basically have a full-on financial subscription asset management software there in 1 easy step.

As for teasing out the hidden subscriptions... Now Rohit, even if none of the rest of the above, that would be super awesome!