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Reporting - Saved vs Purchases

  1. I am primarily looking for a to realize how much I have saved by purchasing something as a lifetime payment. So, suppose I purchased StartInfinity Tier-3 plan for $299 for lifetime and this plan otherwise would have costed $99 per year. So, if I want to see how much I have saved by buying the lifetime deal vs if I would have purchased the general annual/monthly subscripotion. 
  2. Similarly, suppose suppose that in a year, I have purchased 100 lifetime deals + 10 highly discounted deals ( at much lower monthly subscription) . So, at the end of the year, I want to see on the Subshero dashboard that how much I actually invested in buying all these deals and how much I saved if I would have purchased them at regular annual subscription rate. Can it be done via Subshero? If not, do you plans to make it work this way too?